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Cabinet approves break-water project for Frigate Bay Beach

According to Minister of Tourism Lindsay Grant, under whose ministry the project falls, it is now likely that the various studies will be done to ascertain the cost, environmental impact and the best way forward to construct the proposed break-water structure.

Speaking earlier today (August 31st) on a talk show program, Minister Grant said a stance must be taken because of the need to do something to preserve the beaches that are fast eroding in these areas.

He said, however, “We are in our very preliminary stages, basically getting expert advice as to where we will put it, the extent of, how much it’s going to cost us, etc.”

Grant further added in recent years a break water was put in place on Frigate Bay, however it was unable to last for a long period of time.

“We had some beach replenishment just around 2014, I think it was, and really and truly a break water should have gone in at that time. Against the expert advice it was not put in,” explained Minister Grant.

He added, “We had millions of dollars that were spent on the Frigate Bay beach, and it was was eroded within six months.”

The tourism minister continued by saying that in order to not have a reoccurrence of that situation, the Ministry will be leaning on the expert advice and from there the necessary steps will be taken.

The break water initiative, he said, is also part of the whole enhancement project that will be carried out on the Strip.


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