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Calls for more culture to be infused into junior carnival

Several members of the public are of the opinion that carnival is not only about the fun and revelry but also about the culture of St. Kitts and Nevis.

One person who shared similar sentiments was popular social commentator, Clecton Phillip who stated that a “national debate” is needed on the topic of carnival, most specifically the junior aspect.

Also, Phillip was displeased with the popular ‘Bottoms in the Road’ song being played during the children’s parade. 

He said he was appalled by the way the children were gyrating to songs that are more popular with the adult carnival parade.

However, in a social media post, the head of the committee responsible for the junior revelers, Azilla Clarke, said even when they arrange with the bands and hi-fi systems to play music more appropriate to the ages on parade, the children refuse to perform.

Clarke also explained that she personally has had to remove some children from the parade because of the inappropriate way they were dancing.

It was also noted that children refuse to participate if they do not have one of the big bands accompanying them and blasting the adult type music. Clarke suggests that parents too have a role to play in this regard.

A mother told, that she was disappointed with the recent Children’s Parade because, it was too short, there was no organization in its flow and it lacked culture and synchronization amongst the revelers.

Further, she opined that 2013 Children’s Parade, was a better organized and more children participated with costumes depicting several cultural aspects of the Federation

“All these children here and the people not putting their children in a troupe come on man!   If the parents don’t participate with their children in the carnival, you are not going to see any changes.”

She added that “My niece told me the reason why she don’t put her daughter in, is because she can’t dress her up. If the people don’t put in their children you can’t get anything done”.

In making a comparison to another Caribbean sister isle, she said it is much cheaper for a child’s costume in St. Kitts than it is in St. Thomas.

She stressed that it is $500 for one costume on that island as against $25 in the Federation.

Meantime, another who only gave his name as Charles, explained that the parade needed to be better organized adding that St. Kitts has been dwindling over the years.

“Perhaps a suggestion would be that they should go back to the schools system whereby the schools were represented as a single troupe by itself instead of trying to organize in it zones.”

This year’s parade saw the schools being placed in three zones, Liamuiga, Revelry and Warriors.

They were all of the opinion that this year’s parade is one of the shortest they have seen for a number of years.


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