Calypso Monarch and Carnival Queen to Receive Cars


A Mitsubishi Lancer will be presented to the winner of the Senior Calypso Monarch Competition while a Hyundai Accent to the winner of National Carnival Queen Pageant.

The two vehicles were donated by S L Horsford & Company Ltd and TDC who have joined a number of other private sector organisations, such as Lime and National Bank, in making a significant donation to the 2011 Carnival.

Ms. Liburd also thanked both S L Horsford Ltd and TDC for joining forces with the Committee to make the presentation of vehicles possible.

National Carnival commenced on Friday 25th November with National bank and LIME Presenting the Symbolic Cheques to the NCC chairperson Shannon Hawley.

The National Carnival Queen Pageant will take place on the 27th December while reigning calypso monarch King Pungwa will defend his crown on 28th December.

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