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Calypso Semi-Finalists Announced

In a two night elimination process which began on Saturday 3rd December and concluded on Monday 5th December, over 60 calypsonians competed for 16 spots, which will be soon withered down to 7; who will battle King Pungwa for the honour of being crowned Calypso Monarch of St. Kitts and Nevis, in a show that is scheduled for 28th December.

Meanwhile the Semi-Finals will be held on 15th December at Carnival Village from 6:00pm

The 16 calypsonians who are in the Semi-Finals are: Konris, Isoursop, Queen Anastasia, Ace, Socrates, Singing Jackie, Big Lice, Rudder, Lady Diva, Astro, Calypso Craig, King Ayatollah, Mighty Take Over, King Dwitie, King Godfrey and Zakie.

Two reserve calypsonians have been selected as a precaution just in case anyone drops out, said a spokesman. These are Bra Bread and Kinta.


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