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Calypsonians pay tribute to Lord Kitchener

A more appropriate, if not one with more sentimental relevance, was the much more spacious SWWTU Hall on Wrightson Road, home of the Kaylpso Revue tent.

Another alternative would have been to hold the tribute on two consecutive nights as it’s obvious that once the name Kitchener is mentioned there would be a groudnswell of support from the wider public, especially those who were weaned on his music from childhood. With a standing-room-only in attendance, the show’s cast included Sugar Aloes, Relator, Baron, Mavis John, Pink Panther, Skatie, de Might Trini, Devon Seale, Regeneration Now, Cummings & D’Wailers and pannist Earl Brooks, with emcee chores performed by Sprangalang and CG.

Making special guest appearances were The Grandmaster’s son, ace producer/drummer Kernel Roberts, and Tobago Kitch. The night proved to be unforgettable for kaiso purists who attended the tribute especially as every artiste performed at least one of Kitchener’s classics.

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