Campaign to Ride at Olympics for St. Kitts & Nevis

ESPN columnist Kathryn Bertine is chronicling her efforts to qualify for the London Olympics, writing a column dubbed “London Calling” on ESPNW, the site’s section that focuses on women’s athletics.

This isn’t Bertine’s first lap on the subject. The writer/athlete – who received an honorary citizenship for St. Kitts and Nevis that would qualify her to represent the country if she achieves complicated preset requirements – also tried to make the Beijing games in 2008. She chronicled the close-but-no-cigar effort in the 2010 book “As Good as Gold.”

Bertine is writing about her globe-traveling attempts to rack up enough qualification points. She’s also making a documentary about women’s cycling, framed with her own attempts to crack the Olympic lineup.

Her final attempt to qualify is an event in Idaho.

Bertine is looking at things philosophically.

“Whether I get that final goal, I think in the long run, knowing I’ve given it everything I have, that’s going to be the most rewarding thing that I’ve experienced,” Bertine said.

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