Can Astro dethrone Buntin tonight in Anguilla?

Only the top calypsonians from the Leeward Islands get to enter this competition, where lyrics are sharp, performance is top notch, and costumes must be perfect. It’s a tough show, and each calypsonian has to be on top of his game on the night of the show. This is the arena for titans of the Leeward Islands calypso world.

So, it is understandable that many calypso fans in the federation will be following the show closely, because inside that competition is another. Nevisian King Astro is officially representing the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, because he holds both the National Carnival Calypso Monarch crown, as well as the recently concluded Culturama calypso competition crown. In short, King Astro is on a roll. Can he dethrone Buntin tonight? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, De Bear arrived in Anguilla for final preparations in representing Antigua and Barbuda in the show. De Bear, who is originally from Montserrat, and who also holds the Montserrat calypso title, will not represent the island of his birth, to the disappointment of some fans there. Instead, Montserrat is sending ‘Sylk’ to represent the country.  Garnett ‘Sylk’ Thompson is the second runner-up in Montserrat’s 2014 Calypso Monarch competition.

The lyrical battle begins at 8:30 tonight. Set your time. It’s going to be a long, tight and exciting night. Good lyrics and plenty music.

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