Can we really see a Peaceful Caribbean?

Growing up I always saw myself as becoming a very successful and notable young man and as such I’ve worked hard and must I say continue to work hard toward that path.

I can recall back in 2007, when I attended this ‘Small Business Seminar’, which was organized by the UNESCO Youth PATH (Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Heritage) and scoring the least after my immature personality took a toll on me and received a not so encouraging evaluation from the tutor, although they were quoted in the positives.

However, not letting the experience get to me and beating up myself about it, I was the only individual who attended that seminar who truly carried out the lessons taught.

In April of the following year I started my own tutoring service at a mere 17 years, which I named Verctyle Tutoring Services, which then led to a whole production — Verctyle Productions. Verctyle Productions now includes tutoring, talent consulting and clothing designs services. All of these I have accomplished through perseverance and the correct mindset of NOT-GIVING-UP!

We might be questioning ourselves now and taking a second glimpse at the title and are wondering — What does his experience has to do with a Peaceful Caribbean? Does he even know what this is all about?

My simple answer to you is Yes! Yes, to which question you may further ask.

We are well aware that, as one tries to organise or ‘set up’ anything, especially in the Caribbean, the initiative would be well met with uncertainties, positives and more so a handful or two hands full of negatives.

The experience that I endured in my earlier years, even though I am still young at age 21, attending the small business seminar and starting my own business, has proved that one should always bring their A game (borrowing one of my MSN’s friends personal message), one should always possess a clear projection, one should know what he or she is trying to get at and one should never give up as I outlined before.

When I was introduced to this venture, the Peaceful Caribbean Conference, my first five questions without any hesitations were: What is a Peaceful Caribbean? How can we have a Peaceful Caribbean? Will this Peaceful Caribbean work? Who will benefit from this Peaceful Caribbean? Who wants a Peaceful Caribbean? I am very much sure that these questions mentioned are some that are on the mind of persons who are definitely of a genuine Caribbean identity.

About one week ago I had the pleasure of reading an article on the same topic but was titled “Random Thoughts on a Peaceful Caribbean” and carried Mutryce A. Williams as the author, who happens to be a person that myself and fellow participants here in St Kitts that attended the UNESCO Youth PATH Project saw as our influencer and to some extent our mentor and mother as she taught us her ‘children’ to live in the positive and reach for nothing but excellence no matter the situation. It was not then strange that Ms Williams was now involved in this initiative. While reading the article I was stunned by the ways in which she conveyed her message but was more so drawn towards the paragraph which read:

“For those of you who are not aware, the theme of the Peaceful Caribbean Conference is a focus on the solutions. The purpose of the conference is to have the Caribbean regain its rightful place in the world by re-establishing the perceptions and realities of the region as a peaceful and stable place for residents and visitors alike.”

This paragraph provided answers to the questions that stained my mind for quite a while now and provided some relief and ease on the depths of my thinking. I applaud the fact that in one paragraph she highlighted the overview of this Conference and could not help but smile at the theme: “Focus on Solutions.”

In reading her article my conclusions were then written. This is not a matter of I can, or you can, but that success only comes in a bigger aluminium can with the logo “Yes We Can!” For there to be a Peaceful Caribbean, from a youth standpoint we must first begin within our respective homes, communities, parishes and not forgetting our countries before we move forward to the region.

Each Caribbean territory must prepare their own strategies in battling the dark clouds that are hovering over their heads. Each and every person living in the Caribbean must play their part and take up a role, be it the pre-schooler or the prime minister or president of a country. We must all take a stand toward the actions that are not promising and that that are not inviting which are being portrayed by many individuals. Finding the solutions might be a problem but there must be solutions.

The Peaceful Caribbean Conference organisers certainly cannot do it on their own; yes, there are certain activities that would yield successes but there are some that everyone would have to lend a helping hand to.

To the Caribbean News Now team, create a checklist and as you reap your rewards don’t forget to note them, make sure that your goals are clear and the plans are in place, for it is true, we are indeed in need of a better — Peaceful – Caribbean, thus we must first find the solutions. Be sure to get everyone involved; it is said ‘Water should not be seen as a divider but a gateway to many possibilities.’



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