Cancer Foundation turns Circus Clock pink for awareness month

The Foundation’s president said the event helps to share compassion and solidarity with breast cancer patients and survivors.

Speaking about the significance of the event at the Circus, Pamela Armstrong said, “It is to show support for breast cancer survivors, to be strong with them, and also for the remembrance of the loved ones we have lost, while opening October 2015 as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

Members of the Foundation decorated the clock. They are inviting members of the public and the news media to see the lighting of the clock this evening. Armstrong said, “This will be the first time we are turning it pink the way we are going to do it tonight with lights.”

The event starts at 7 p.m. on Thursday (1st October) and will include remarks from breast cancer survivors, supporters of the campaign and the president of the Foundation.

Armstrong stated, “We want the public to be aware that breast cancer is a serious issue in our federation. We need each and every family member to be encouraging if they have a member with breast cancer. They should also encourage their mother, wife, sister, if they are 39 turning 40 to have a mammogram done. Early detection saves lives.”

For the Essence of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation it is all about education. Armstrong said she wants the month of October be remembered as an “each one, teach one” process. She said, “We all must educate ourselves. Know the facts and know the risks.”

This year’s commemoration has been boosted by the financial support of the Insurance Company of the West Indies, ICWI, which has contributed EC$10,000, in sponsorship to the cause.

marsha-with-essenceAt a recent ceremony to launch the month-long activities, ICWI’s Branch Supervisor, Marsha Clayton, said the company decided to support the activities of the Foundation because of its tremendous work in awareness and the support the Foundation is providing to women, and also because of the serious threat to families and communities posed by Breast Cancer.

The insurance company is also supporting similar efforts in other Caribbean countries, such as Jamaica, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and St. Maarten.

One key highlight of the awareness month will be the annual Walk for the Cause, on Saturday, 17th October, starting from the parking lot of the Caribbean Cinemas and ending at Frigate. The walk begins at 6:00am.

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