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Carambola Beach Club Offers Resort-like Experiences

Evelyn said during a recent interview on Winn FM, said, “The concept of Carambola is different to your average restaurant. We have a facility that is a little bit more than a restaurant; it is like visiting a resort without actually staying there. It has all the facilities and amenities that you will find in other resorts from around the world with great service.”

He continued, “We have the beach and a spa built around a centre complex, which is a fine dining restaurant and in the restaurant we are looking to replicate Iron Chef America TV Show with our presentations”

The Operations Manager also revealed that the beach club will build a heliport after being granted a helicopter licence from the relevant authorities. He also stated that the Carambola is accessible to everyone and that is also reflected in their prices as well.

The beach club is located at south Friars Bay and is available for lunch and dinner from 11:30am until 9:30pm and on regular occasions have themed evenings.

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