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Carbo Speak!

We are living in a Renowned Country which is calling for the help of all. It doesn’t make sense to keep on behaving the way we are just for ‘Gay’ and ambitious politicians. This recession is big­ger than any politician to push political agendas.
What helpful information are we getting from the talk pro­grams? Are they helping or hurt­ing us…? You be the judge.
On Tuesday nights from 8-10pm ‘Let’s Talk’, two hours telling us all what they think the party in power is doing wrong and what they think should be done from a political stand point. By listening to them I can tell very much that they are sup­porting the opposition.
On Wednesday nights 8-10pm ‘On The Mark’ for the same two hours doing basically the same thing, opposing everything that the masses think is good for the country.
On Thursday nights 8-10pm ‘Tell Me’ for two hours trying to undo what the two previous nights radio programs have done and meanwhile trying to push their projects and successes.
Daily from 11am-1.30pm there’s ‘Voices,’ 95% of the pro­gram is geared towards malign­ing the Prime Minister and the country, this tells me also it’s in the opposition’s favour.
We might feel good about our­selves, but it is not where we are today but what we have learnt and are teaching. If the tables should turn and the parties or people we want in position get in, would our country and peo­ple get better overnight? I beg to differ. Take that 8 1/2 hrs and tell the world of the goodness of our country and its people. We have a country and its people to protect. Politicians will come and go, but our country is here to stay.
The West Indies Federation was planned since 1921 but was put off because of lack of inter communication between the islands. The first meeting was held in Jamaica in 1947, there were several meetings between some member islands of the West Indies. Finally on April 22nd 1958 in the Red House at Port of Spain, Trinidad the Federal Government was seated. On September 19th, 1961 after a referendum was successful in Jamaica, Jamaica seceded from the federation. The ruling party in Trinidad and Tobago said they would not participate without Jamaica. The West Indies Act 1962 was passed on April 3rd 1962 and dissolved the West Indies Federation, but the idea was by no means dead. We are now hearing of Caribbean Single Market and Economy. You see my brothers and sisters where I am going? While we are blast­ing the politicians they are go­ing straight ahead. We are small with little resources. Our chief crops were sugar, cotton, copra. With proper management we were able to add tourism and other services and we’ve man­aged to reach thus far. Most of our trade and skilled men learn locally; with hard work and per­severance we are here. I know in all our talking and fighting we can’t stop certain things but I am sure if we use all these radio pro­grams and educate the people in more ways than one we could go further.
Trade men and skilled men need an association. In spite of the CSME we should protect ourselves. In a proper asso­ciation we can determine how many tradesmen our industry can take. Mechanic, carpentry, plumbing, building and other associations will definitely help. We need all the media’s help; when we help our coun­try we help ourselves. There’s a term we use in business “CYA”. Everyone should stop fighting each other, while we fight, look who are buying lands, while we fight look who is surviving. If we don’t work together to make things right, individuals from the Single Market will do it. They will do their business right on our door steps. Perhaps, it’s too far to see but as a far as I know, as one country, we need each other. Where’s the love gone?
Rise Up Trample De Dragon, Get De Dragon Before The Dragon Get You.
Let Your Mind Be Strong In This Ya Struggle. Together We Are One In This Ya Struggle.

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