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Caribbean Airlines Continues Talks With Pilots

This follows confirmation that the positions of 75 Jamaican pilots employed through CARIBAL are to be made redundant as the company is being closed down. 

CARIBAL is a locally-based subsidiary of Caribbean Airlines which was established at the time of the Air Jamaica take-over by the Trinidad carrier. 

Caribbean Airlines has said of the 75 Jamaican pilots to lose their jobs, 65 are to be offered new contracts. 

According the chairman of Air Jamaica, Denis Lalor, CARIBAL was always meant to be a transition company. 

However last week, JALPA produced an October 2010 memorandum from Caribbean Airlines’ vice president Charmaine Heslop DaCosta saying otherwise. 

The memorandum which was addressed to JALPA said CARIBAL was not a transition company. 

In the meantime, Caribbean Airlines says the Jamaican pilots set to lose their jobs will be required to express an interest in being re-hired by Caribbean Airlines. 

The company said it has been agreed that where such interest is similar to, or less than the available positions, a formal interview process will not be required.

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