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Caribbean countries upset with EU policy

 The meeting, which ends on Saturday, is taking place in the Dominican Republic. A statement from the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Implementation Unit said that the EU has indicated that it will apply the principle of differentiation to the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) National Indicative Programmes (NIPs), with the resultant effect that the majority of NIPs in the Caribbean region will be cut.


“Such action is regrettable,” the statement said, quoting Ivan Ogando Lora, the Director-General of the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM).


He said “the European Union has been a valued, longstanding development partner. However, its stance on differentiation has prompted the CARIFORUM region to take a hard look at this partnership, as, at a time when regional states are counting on reliable resources to implement the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the Caribbean-EU Joint Strategy”.


Oganda Lora said that neither the EPA, which was signed in 2008 between CARIFORUM countries and the EU and the Caribbean-EU Joint Strategy make specific provisions for financial support.

Reprinted from CanaNews


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