Caribbean Media Discuss Difficulties of Covering Elections

Delegates spent two days looking at issues that included: Whether a journalist should state their personal views on voting in light of the perceived influence they may have on the public, whether the media’s coverage can influence the outcome of an election, campaign financing and the tendency across the region for news agencies to focus strongly on political stories and politicians at the expense of other national issues and human interest stories.

Discussions also included the topics of: establishing international standards to ensure elections are free and fair, the ongoing issue in the Caribbean of insufficient information being disseminated by authorities about the electoral process and procedures, and the lack of adequate post election analysis and the sharing information shared on electoral issues and precedents across the region.

The two day meeting was moderated by the President of the Association of Caribbean Media Workers, Mr. Wesley Gibbings.

A report on the findings of the workgroups will be forwarded to UNESCO.

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