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Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant promotes integration says organizer

Producer of the pageant, Antonio Maynard, said that his team is delighted to welcome back to the pageant, a few countries that had been absent for quite a while. These he said include Guyana, Montserrat, and Dominica.

Maynard added that it is important that the Haynes Smith Youth Club reminds the public here that the principal objective of the pageant is to contribute towards the personal development of young people through the performing arts. It is also styled he said, to promote regional integration and tourism promotion.

“We are a community based organization and the pageant is one of the superior products that have come out of the “The Village” area, from the time it was initiated some 34 years ago by teenagers within the community. This is why we continue to make bountiful and meaningful contributions, sometimes, small and sometime large, to various institutions and needy individuals from within the area,” explained the pageant producer.

Maynard was also thankful for the corporate and individual support that the group has been given over the years, saying “So as we launch this year’s episode of the pageant I wish to place on record our deep gratitude for the support of our sponsors, judges and committee members, who are one of the great assets of the event, some of whom have been serving for over 20 years.”

He also revealed that this year they are very happy to receive the sponsorship support of the Insurance Company of the West Indies, ICWI, which is coming on board for the first time and will be contributing the trophies for the various winners of the pageant.

Irveeka-and-PernelleSt. Kitts is being represented by Pernelle Abraham, while Irveeka Nisbett is carrying the banner for Nevis.

This year, St. Kitts will be fancying its chances of scoring a 3-peat, having won in 2012 with Junika Berry and the year before with Siophan Phipps.







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