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Caribbean Tourism Pageant Sponsor Satisfied with Outcome

One such corporate partner, AVON, through their local agents, C&C Trading Ltd, is now reflecting on the outcome of the pageant and the success they achieved in blending the AVON products with the talent and beauty represented by the delegates of the 12 countries that participated.

MPW 0864According to a C&C official, they and AVON are quite satisfied with the added value provided to the contest with the use of various products and outfits donated to enhance the show’s production.

General Manager of C&C Trading, Ann Saunders said that she has been fielding a lot of inquiries about the dress and the shoes worn in both the fanfare segment and the swimwear segment since the show. “People are still pleasantly surprised that AVON sells these products and thanks to the wonderful modeling skills of the contestants the items of clothing may now be in high demand,” she hinted.

As sponsors of the dress, shoes and accessories worn in the fanfare segment, they were pleased that the twelve young ladies displayed a spirited performance competing for the Avon award.  Showing off their creativity and the versatility of the dress, the contestants tied, twisted and knotted this piece into curious designs starting off the show with an exceptional bang.

When the last contestant exited the stage there was still a palpable buzz as patrons were left impressed by the many options of just one dress, said the official.

“Apart from putting on an energetic performance, the young ladies had a lot of fun during that segment.  We are confident that all who attended this event have now become fully aware that AVON is not only synonymous with personal hygiene products but has a portfolio of high-fashion clothing, shoes and accessories,” said Laverne Caines, a Director of C&C Trading Ltd.AVONMissTsmSponsorship

Olufunmike Banks-Devonish representing the island of Anguilla was adjudged winner of the AVON Fanfare segment and for that received a trophy, a sash and an Avon gift basket.  This segment did not impact the final outcome of the points.

Designated as the official makeup of the pageant, the 12 contestants also used products from the AVON line in all of their on stage appearances.  The shoes worn in the Swimsuit appearance were also contributed by AVON.

Just days before the show, at a breakfast with the contestants and their chaperones, Dr Kathleen Allen-Ferdinand spoke with the contestants about breast cancer awareness.  This coincided nicely with Avon’s commitment to breast cancer awareness, being a strong benefactor for breast cancer research. 

The seriousness of the session was underscored with the personal pledge from each of the contestants to take care of their personal health by doing monthly self-examinations and sharing the information with their family and peers. This pledge was sealed with the pinning of breast cancer lapel pins provided by Avon for the contestants as well as Dr. Allen-Ferdinand. 

The pageant organizing team has already extended its profound appreciation for the level of assistance that the AVON sponsorship provided, and looks forward to a renewed commitment in the coming year.  Chair of the organizing committee Mr Derrick V Fraites presented a crystal plaque at a cocktail event as an expression of their gratitude for the kind sponsorship of AVON/C&C Trading Ltd.

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