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Caribbean Tourism Pageant to be one With a Difference

Pageant planner Shelda Webster-Ham, on Monday, 22nd October, 2012, indicated that the fanfare segment, for the first time will be judged with all thirteen representatives being outfitted in dresses and shoes compliments AVON. She however explained that this segment will not impact the final score.
It was however explained that C&C Trading Ltd local agents for AVON will provide a sash and a trophy to the contestant who captures that award.ctp1
AVON has also agreed to provide accessories and shoes for the swimwear segment of the show and AVON’s beauty products will be used by the contestants.
Webster-Ham also revealed other initiatives that are going to be different in the show. During the interview there will be 13 judges and each contestant would be asked a question by a judge as opposed to an interviewer.
Chief Pageant Organizer, Derrick V Fraites on Monday indicated that the chaperons of the contestants will also make an appearance during the fanfare, in effort to give them the recognition they deserve.
Fraites added that the committee is doing everything humanly possible to ensure the visiting countries have a comfortable stay.
He added said they want them to recognize that once they come to St. Kitts they will not be treated as an individual country, but as one nation coming together to bond.
Fraites also explained why the pageant is being described as the first of its kind, stating that they knew of a Miss Hotel And Tourism Pageant but were not aware of the fact that the name was changed some years after, and when they got together, they wanted the show to be Caribbean; they thought and the name they came up with was approved by all committee members.ctp3
Then thereafter they heard that there was in fact a Caribbean Tourism Queen Pageant that was hosted for approximately 8 years, but it died in 2003, and they were not aware of it.
He then apologized on behalf of the committee, in case they offended anyone by using this name.
Fraites said, “It was not done to hurt anybody’s feeling and for that I asked to be excused but it is our first, it is a new committee, new faces, new ideas and so and we just thought it would be accepted.”
The show is scheduled to be held at 17 Degrees on Saturday, 27th October and will feature 13 Caribbean countries. The top six winners will be announced, recognized and awarded at the show.ctp4

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