Carnival Chair commends MiyVue for innovative King Ah de Tents production


The event was held on 23rd December, 2010 at De House Nitery and saw eight calypsonians competing for the title. The event was also punctuated with guest performances by calypsonians including reigning Calypso Monarch, King Socrates.

“I thought it was an excellent job. I want to congratulate and Val Henry the proprietor/owner. It was a great job tonight and I think this is the innovation that we want to see for years to come for Sugar Mas’.

“I think that is the only way we are going to ensure that carnival is spread across the board and all stakeholders get a fair share of the pie. So again, congratulations to,” O’Garro expressed.

The Carnival Chairman said competitions like these are needed and what he is looking for “in order to make Sugar Mas’ what it could be.”

The competitors for the event were La La, Aba Lively, De Provoker, Unexpected, Rock-A-Fellow, Felix, Pau-U-La and Lil Willie and the winner will be determined by the public by voting on or by voting via LIME:

Wil to 9696 (Little Willie)

Lal to 9696 (La la)

Fel to 9696 (Felix)

Roc to 9696 (Rock-a-Fellow)

Pau to 9696 (Pau-U-La)

Aba to 9696 (Aba Lively)

Unx to 9696 (Unexpected)

Pro to 9696 (De Provoker)



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