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Carnival chairman aborts beach fete

The January 4 ‘Cool down Fete’ never got off the ground, as organizers and the bands were still setting up some five hours after the scheduled 2 p.m. start time, and this circumstance seemed to have irked the carnival chairman.

When Anthony arrived at Frigate Bay Beach for the event shortly after 7:00 p.m, he immediately called off the proceedings, because a late start would have affected the schedule cut off time.

“Even if they finish setting up at 9 p.m. and they start playing then, by 10 p.m., the Police would cut them off, and I do not want to have any problems with the police,” the chairman stated.

Speaking with, he disclosed that “it was happening for far too long”, that bands have started late, thus pushing events to run beyond their normal time, and he did not want to have problems with the police, like they had in the past.

“We told the bands to come and set up at 12 p.m. so that they could start by 2:00pm, even the police were here waiting since 2 p.m.,” Anthony disclosed.

Several persons who turned out for the party left disappointed and visibly annoyed, as no public announcement was made of the cancellation.

Bands scheduled to perform Sunday evening included Kollision, Nu Vybz and Small Axe.

Recently, the carnival chairman pointed blame on the bands and troupes for the late start to the Grand Parade of Troupes on New Year’s Day.


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