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Carnival Day Parade

This year, according to Carnival Committee officials, there was an increase in the number of costume bands (troupes) that were registered for the Grand Parade. Though still not an impressive number, the six troupes on display did manage to produce great diversity of designs and creativity, adding far more exuberance to what pertained in the recent past.

Mixed with the vibrancy and youthful demonstrations of the children participating in the Junior Carnival troupes, Tuesday’s parade showed some glimpses of what could be, in the future; in terms of the kaleidoscope of costumes that are possible to enhance the quality of the biggest carnival show…the New Year’s Day Parade.

The addition of the folklore, such as the Bull, Mock Jumbles and Clowns, all helped to provide the flavor of revelry expected from the thousands of spectators.

But there was also some disappointment in Tuesday’s parade which got off to a late start. Though the delayed start is not new, what many spectators complained about were the huge gaps between the senior troupes and the extremely long time some of them took to reach into the city centre. It was not until into the evening that some were eventually able to make their way downtown, making it difficult for their costumes to be seen and appreciated by the public.


The inclusion of the Majorettes from the Immaculate Conception Catholic School, ICCS, was a much needed boost to the parade. 

The performance of the Majorettes was a staple back in the 1970s and 1980s at the time when the institution was known as the Convent School.

The troupes are all expected to be back on the road today, for the Last Lap activities, though officials have advised that there will be no parade like that on Tuesday. The various bands will be on display downtown, but starting from their respective mas camps.

Colourful costumes and choreographed dance movements were like a breath of fresh air to the festivities.  

Today is the final day of carnival activities, after almost three weeks of shows and competitions.


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