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Carnival Safety and Route Restrictions

They are as follows:

1. No glass bottles will be permitted in the bands and on the streets. Vendors serving drinks must therefore serve them in plastic containers.  

2. No knives, machete, firearms (whether or not licensed) or other weapons including stick, bats and other similar objects will be permitted in the bands.

3. No camouflage or other uniform resembling the uniform worn by members of the security forces will be permitted to be worn by members of the public without the expressed written permission of the Commissioner of Police.  

4. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated by the security forces.  

5. Persons coming into Basseterre may be subjected to random stops search by members of the security forces.

6. Bands will not be permitted to jam outside the prescribed routes.  

Marshalls will also be employed to improve safety in the bands and ensure the smooth flow of the troupes.  Onlookers are asked to remain on the sidewalks and leave an unobstructed path for the troupes. 

Additionally, the Licensing Authority is advising the general public that the following streets will be closed and or parking is restricted to facilitate the smooth flow of troupes and bands during National Carnival 2012: 


1.  On J’ouvert morning, December 26th, parking will be restricted on the following streets that form the J’ouvert route:  

– Fort Street     

– Cayon Street between College Street and West Square Street

– Church Street               

– Lr. College Street                

– Bay Road, between College Street. and Adlam Street     

– West Square Street

2. On December 31st, January 1st  and 2nd parking will be restricted on the following streets that form the route for the Junior Carnival parade and Float Competition, the Grand Carnival Parade and Last Lap respectively:  

– Cayon Street, from Wigley Ave        

– West Square Street        

– South Square Street       

– East Square Street       

– Pond Road       

– Sandown Road      

– Bay Road (between Sandown Road and College St.)   

– Lr. College St     

– Liverpool Row      

– Fort Street

These streets will also be closed to general vehicular traffic from 4:00 am until jouvert ends at 12 midday and from 11:00am until activities end on December 31st, January 1st and 2nd. Traffic signs will be placed to indicate these restrictions.  Violators will be towed and applicable fines and fees imposed. The full cooperation of all is anticipated.

(The Traffic Department)


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