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Carty Discusses Developing Partnerships with Taipei

Minister of Education Nigel Carty, during a recent Visit to Taiwan, explored the possibility of developing partnerships with Taipei to assist the federation in developing that sector through scholarships, teacher training, or through any other means that would be equally beneficial.

The Education Minister and his Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Ione Liburd-Willet and Taipei-based St. Kitts and Nevis Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan), held discussions with Dr. Wei-Ling Chiang Ph.D., Minister of Education in the Republic of China (Taiwan). Carty was in Taiwan last week for the discussions. 

During the meeting, Minister Carty also discussed the possibility of cooperation programmes with the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, particularly in the field of vocational and technical training.

Carty also met with principal Hsu of the National Taichung Industrial High School and toured the institution which has become one of the premier industrial high schools in Taiwan.

Additionally, while visiting the Central Training Center, Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, he exchanged ideas with the Director of the Center about possible training for citizens from the Federation.

Minister Carty also held discussions with President Yao of National Taipei University of Technology who was enthusiastic about collaborating with the St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Education through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan to bring students to his university for further education. 

President Yao also mentioned the possibility of teacher training at the University, said Carty.

Prior to his departure from Taipei, Minister Carty also met with students from the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis studying in Taiwan.

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