Castries vendors planning protest action on Tuesday

Reports are that the association has written Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony asking him to intervene in the matter. A majority of the vendors are against the decision made by the City Council. The association has said that it finds the vendor’s eviction as “a move without a social conscience.

” The organisation also claims that it was a form of victimization. Reports are that the 59-year-old female vendor had fallen ill and was unable to occupy her booth for a few months. As a result, she was unable to pay the outstanding rental for the months she was ill.

The vendor who has been in the business for over 19 years has an outstanding bill of about EC$ 3,000. She had approached the City Council with a plan to repay her arrears, but instead she was evicted. Reports are that goods from her booth worth over EC$10,000 were also removed from her booth.

Her belongings were removed on Friday. Since then, vendors have been raising their concerns over the move and said they would like to see that something is done to have her booth back. 

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