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  Prime Minister Allen Chastanet acknowledged this during a press conference on Monday. Chastanet said while the recent ban on citizens of some highly-populated Muslim nations will be directly affected,

  The concession followed demands made by the United Progressive Party (UPP) which, according to the Leader of the Opposition, Baldwin Spencer, is of the view that “we are dealing

  Court documents identified the gunman in the attack on Sunday evening prayers as Alexandre Bissonnette. He was also charged with five counts of attempted murder, according to court papers.

  A “dissent cable” has been drafted for senior state department officials.   The White House said those complaining should “get with the programme”.   In the wake of Mr

  Governments from London and Berlin to Jakarta and Tehran spoke out against Trump’s order to put a four-month hold on allowing refugees into the United States and temporarily ban

  Dr Jules said Caribbean countries allowed the United States’ embargo on Cuba to prevent them from developing trade links with the Spanish-speaking nation, and warned there will be great

  Mrs May confirmed Mr Trump was “100% behind Nato” despite the president’s recent comments calling the transatlantic alliance obsolete.   Both leaders said they would work to establish trade

  President Barrow’s plane touched down at Banjul airport where jubilant crowds waited to welcome him. After landing, he tweeted: “I’m finally home #Gambia.”   Mr Barrow, who has been

  It comes after Enrique Pena Nieto again rebuffed Mr Trump’s assertion that Mexico would end up funding the wall.   The Mexican president made no mention of changing their

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