Caucus 2013, PAM…Moving Forward in Unity

That is why, according to one senior official of the organization, they have chosen, as the theme for the meeting, “PAM…Moving Forward in Unity”.

Senior officials within the party say they are committed to using this weekend’s Party Caucus, as a strategic planning opportunity to provide greater focus to their preparations for the upcoming General Elections.

Outgoing Chairman, Mr. Selwyn Liburd, told that he expects the new executive, when it comes to office, to invest much energy in preparing the organization for the upcoming election while also forging new pathways to the future operations of the party.

The annual Caucus of PAM will meet this Sunday 14th April, at their headquarters, located at Lockhart Street in Basseterre, at which time elections will be held for the top Executive positions within the 48 year old organization.

Among the positions up for election are Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Assistant General Secretary and Treasurer. The posts of Deputy Political Leader (2) will also be contested.

However, no elections are due for the National Political Leader who was elected last year in 2012, for a three (3) year term. The General Secretary is also serving a three year term.

Mr. Liburd explained that he will not be seeking re-election nor will he be contesting any other position in the leadership of the party. He said however that he is very confident that whoever succeeds him and the others who will serve on the Executive, will do an outstanding job in moving the party forward.

“I have had 30 years working or volunteering for the party and will continue to make my contribution but I am certain that the new head of the party will try to pattern the organization in the mold that is required for the new direction and task of moving forward in a spirit of unity. Those who are coming in will fashion the party to respond to the new opportunities of a united approach, in the interest of the country generally,” said the PAM Chairman.

The Caucus is due to commence from 2:00pm, with delegates required to register before the official start of the session. Remarks are to be delivered by Chairman Liburd, along with Political Leader Shawn Richards and his Deputy, Eugene Hamilton, both who are also members of the National Assembly, (Parliament).

There will also be reports from the Treasurer and various party branches and plenary sessions on key topics of relevance to the party and the development of the country.


Those elected at the 2012 Caucus were Chairman Selwyn “Rusty” Liburd, Deputy Chairpersons Jonel Powell and Dr. Charles Warner, Treasurer, Valentine Lindsay and Public Relations Officer, Antonio Nias.




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