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Cayon woman becomes newest Centenarian in St. Kitts

Mrs. Louise Isaac celebrated 100 years of life on Saturday, February 15 while Mrs. Pearl Liburd celebrated her 95th birthday on Friday, February 14th.

Family, friends and well-wishers of the two of these well loved women celebrated in various ways over the course of last week. The celebration will go on for some time as proud loved ones continue their show of appreciation for the lives of these community stalwarts.

Mother Louise Isaac’s 100th birthday celebration brought many of her relatives from home and abroad for various celebratory events in honour of her life’s work and commitment to community. Among other things, Mother Isaac was renowned for her expertise as a seamstress. Through her craft, Mrs. Isaac served many homes in the Cayon community and beyond. She has also been an active member in the Bethesda Moravian Church for most of her life.

Mrs. Liburd was one of the community’s female pioneers in sales as she ran a very successful business for many years and had a following of patrons who “couldn’t get enough of her goat water and black pudding.” Mrs. Liburd has also been an active member of the St. Mary’s Anglican Church throughout the course of her life.

Both Mrs. Isaac and Mrs. Liburd have lived very meaningful lives and have been strong contributors to their community and nation’s development in various ways. They have been mothers, confidantes, friends and advisors to their own children, grandchildren, family members and countless others in their community.

birthday-girld-100-years-in-church-and-younger-photoIt is certainly an honour and divine blessing that our maker has sustained both of these trailblazers to be symbols of God’s gifts.

We join with the proud families of these Februarians and express best wishes for longevity, good health and God’s continued blessings.

Happy, Happy, Happy birthday to our nation’s gems, Mrs. Louise Isaac and Mrs. Pearl Liburd.



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