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CCM Leader Opposes Option for General Elections

In a statement on Wednesday, 17th October, 2012, Amory objected to Parry’s decision to opt for an island-wide election; describing the Premier’s action, as ‘ad hoc’.

Amory said he has been advised that the proclamation is in contravention of the provisions and intent of Section 48 (2) of the Constitution and does not speak well for the present “NRP occupying force” and only increases the perception that they do not have the interest of the people of Nevis at heart.

“It also indicates that they will try everything and anything (and this ad hoc statement is one such thing), thereby imposing more pressure and uncertainty on the society, to try to prolong their occupation of their offices, even if the whole country suffers because of the uncertainty and the tension which their illegal action in July 2011 caused over the last 15 months,” Amory added.

Calling a general election shows the NRP’s lack of confidence to win the St. John’s seat and proves that they are targeting the St. James seat which he claimed the Voters List is being padded to try to favour them in that seat, charged the former Premier, now in opposition.

He added that the call also indicates the serious pressure Parry and his party are under, following their dishonesty and illegal activities.

He went on to say that the people of Nevis cannot feel satisfied with this decision by Mr. Parry, and that he expects that this would be revisited within the next 18 days which is the time limit to give effect to the ninety days deadline, as prescribed by the Constitution, to give effect to the filling of the null and void vacant seat in Nevis 2. 

The CCM Leader said, “I am certain the people of Nevis will be ready and will vote out this most incompetent and obviously corrupt and illegal NRP junta and restore decency and good governance to the people of Nevis, should there be any other time line for an election. I do believe Mr. Parry and those other persons responsible for the contrary decision will have questions to answer.

He concluded that the people and his party want the election now. 

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