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Celebrating 50 years of James Bond films

Not only does James Bond’s 50 year anniversary make the franchise one of the oldest, but its incredible 22-film portfolio (soon to be 23) makes the iconic spy film far and away the longest running movie series. To date, the character of James Bond has been played by 6 talented men and its films have been crafted by 10 visionary directors. When the latest ‘Skyfall’ premieres in theaters later this month, director Sam Mendes will become the 11th on the roster.

While every new actor played their own flavor of Bond and every new director pushed the stylistic envelope, some things never changed — Bond always went to work in a tailored suit, and his spiritual animal… er… car, will always be an Aston Martin.

Charming, elegant, masculine, and brutally efficient, it’s difficult to think of another film where the casting of the sports car played a more important of a role. In fact, it’s safe to say that no film has played a larger role in an automaker’s heritage either. Ferrari draws from its racing pedigree and Aston Martin draws from 007.

Paying tribute to five decades of James Bond, Agent 007, here are the five most iconic Aston Martins in the movie’s history. Click Start to begin the slideshow!


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