Cemeteries and Green Spaces Targeted for Beautification Program

Liburd recently unveiled her plans to ensure the constant cleaning of public cemeteries around the island and beautification of green spaces in the various communities.

The Minister – elected one year ago as Central Basseterre’s first female representative – informed her colleagues in the Cabinet that the most disciplined trainees of the Youth Empowerment Through Skills (YES) programme, that assist in the cleaning and beautification of the island, will be re-embodied to perform critically important tasks over the medium term.

“These tasks include cleaning of public cemeteries, consistently clearing and beautifying the roadsides and green spaces in the various communities, clearing abandoned and overgrown properties that produce a health or security hazard to the community,” as informed by Minister of Information, Senator Nigel Carty during the delivery of the most-recent post-Cabinet Press Briefing.

He said Minister Liburd, who is also responsible for Culture and Gender Affairs, has emphasized her ministry’s intention to strengthen supervision and monitoring of the programme to ensure that all its objectives are fully achieved.

“The YES programme is undergoing reform to ensure that training is more relevant, better managed and more resource-efficient and disclosed a plan in which other components of the YES programme will be incorporated into existing programmes in the Ministry of Education,” Minister Carty indicated.




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