Central SMEs involved in Cariri ICT Forum

In his opening remarks, CARIRI chief executive officer, Liaquat Ali Shah stated that this project is in keeping with Government’s designation of ICT as a strategic pillar for sustainable development; his Institute has therefore accorded priority to this area, as a springboard for industrial growth and development. Entitled SMEs and Competitiveness, the feature presentation by Quinten Questel, managing director of Digital Business Limited, encouraged participants to embrace the use of ICT to develop the competitive advantage. Two entrepreneurs—David Thomas, MD of Market Movers and Aldon Moore, MD of G-net Systems Limited—shared experiences with participants on how ICT has positively impacted their businesses.

CARIRI systems analyst, Hayden Charles said that the ICT-SME project will be executed in three phases. Following awareness-building sessions in Trinidad and Tobago, the Institute will engage in diagnostics scoping studies in which business audits will be conducted at no cost to the participating enterprises. In its final phase, the ICT intervention programme best suited to each SME would be proposed/implemented. Both the IDB and CARIRI understand the significant role of SMEs to the development of Trinidad and Tobago. Outside of the Energy sector, they constitute the mainstay of our economic activity.

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