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CESAR MILLAN ‘DOG WHISPERER’ Divorce Settled Must Pay Ex a Fortune

TMZ obtained the final divorce docs which were just filed, and they show Cesar pulls in an impressive $170,000 a month.  

Now here’s the bad news … for Cesar.  He must now pay ex-wife Ilusion a one-time payout of $400,000 … but that’s just the beginning.

Cesar must also pay his ex $23,000 a month in spousal support.  Add to that another $10,000 in child support.

Cesar did get something in return — lots of confidentiality.  The docs say any “intimate, personal and/or private information about the other party … including details of their personal and/or sexual relationships” must remain confidential.  

And, of course, any “photograph, film, videotape, recording … which is not commercially available” must remain private.  

So that’s how lawyers describe sex tapes.

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