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CFBC nursing program gets new clinical laboratory

This new facility would be the home for nurses studying for their nursing degree at the institution, where they will gain practical experience similar to that of a hospital.

Dean of the Health Science Division, Shirley Kelly, explained that back in 2014, several regional institutions undertook assessments of the local institution’s School of Nursing to create a partnership.

“The journey commenced in February 2014, when the University of the West Indies, Mona, and the Nursing Council of Jamaica, conducted an initial assessment of the CFBC School of nursing. This was undertaken as part of the process that would establish partnership between the UWI and the CFBC… to deliver the UWI Bachelors of Science program under franchise,” she said.

Kelly indicated that the assessment team comprised head of the School of Nursing at the University if the West Indies, the coordinator of the sciences program, as well as the chairman and registrar of the Nursing Council.

She pointed out that the areas assessed included the nurse’s clinical laboratory, library, the computer labs, classrooms at the CFBC as well as the Pogson health center, community health centers and the JNF Hospital.

The results led to the development of the facility, said Kelly.

“The evaluation team, in both verbal and written reports, highlighted the fact that the CFBC nursing school had instituted the necessary structures and processes and established the appropriate frameworks and the relevant infrastructure that provided them with the high level of satisfaction. More importantly, they will ensure that a sound structure existed on which the UWI and CFBC can build their franchise,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Delores Harris, vice president of Academic and Student Affairs, said that the center will significantly impact the nursing practice in the Federation, and it will render the college an immense force to be reckoned with in the region.

“We at the CFBC understand the need to provide our students with the new and relevant programs and a current and appropriate curriculum in an ever evolving environment. For it was only in May of 2014, we engaged in the launch of three new programs. Our franchise, the Bachelors of Science in Nursing, the Post Graduate Diploma in Education and the revamped UWI level one program,” She said.

She said too that there was a need to provide students with the appropriate resources and to have the programs available at CFBC aligned with competing schools.

“This morning’s event is an assentation of that position. We are all cognizant that education is a major contributor to the development of a nation’s social and economic capital and a driver of growth,” she indicated.

She challenged private sector entities to play an integral role in the maintenance of the laboratory, by providing the necessary resources to maintain the high standard of the center. understands that EC$84,000 was spent on the facility, which is equipped with several of the latest pieces of machinery found at hospitals regionally.

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