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Chad and Evelyn back together?

Johnson’s website posted a picture of them together proving that they think they are worth more together than apart.


The couple surprised Twitter fans at one of Chad’s famous fan dinners at South Street in Miami this past weekend.


The broke reality TV stars are getting desperate as VH1 declined to even consider airing

their spin-off show featuring their fake wedding earlier this year.


“That boat has sailed,” VH1 brass reportedly told Lozada and Johnson. In addition to losing the reality TV show spin-off, Lozada had to get on her hands and knees and crawl to producer Shaunie O’Neal to get back in the cast of Basketball Wives: Miami.


But it’s a foregone conclusion that Lozada’s days are numbered on the set. She can’t even hint at a fight or she will lose the little sponsorship she got by pretending to be a victim of domestic abuse.

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