Chamber President still seeking third VAT Day


But Hobson quickly added that the Chamber is happy and thankful for the two days granted for 12th and 19th December.

When asked about the third VAT day, the Chamber President indicated that they still would like the third one and that the Chamber is still working on it, with the hope that it would be granted in coming days.

The Chamber President told in an exclusive interview on Friday afternoon, the first day of the two VAT discount days approved by government for December that in addition his organization is also suggesting that the special rebate days be on the weekends.

“We still think it is important to get three and we obliviously have to keep working and there is still time, there is still next week Saturday which we had originally asked for, so there is still hope in that it is still possible to get that day.”

However, he said that next year they will be pressing for the three VAT Days to be implemented.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas earlier this month, during his weekly programme ‘Ask the PM’ indicated that residents of the Federation would benefit from a reduction in the level of VAT.


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