Changing the landscape of governance with a stronger role for women

The Department of Constituency Empowerment and the Department of Gender Affairs are spearheading this venture, and are pursuing three key groups of women including Project Viola Teen Moms because of their role in leading their children to empowered lives; Female mentors who have the potential for guiding and empowering teen mothers and female leaders to understand their worth and potential in governance at The constituency level.

The event will highlight Ayesha Constable a Jamaican women’s rights supporter and Barbadian Elizabeth Thompson, UN Assistant Secretary General and Executive Coordinator of Rio + 20.

In the final analysis, the DCE is expecting to identify key champions for Constituency Management Teams (CMT) on the corporate, government and community level; Develop a mentorship program between teen mothers and female leaders as well as a Foundation for gender, community, governance and Empowerment.

According to the United Nations Development Programs, St Kitts and Nevis has one of the highest gender Inequality indices in the Caribbean which is evident in the high male to female ratio in the highest levels of leadership and decision-making in the country. 

Resultantly, the decision to launch the CMT with a gendered lens would allow for greater involvement and participation by the women in the governance process at the highest levels.






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