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Child Month to Focus on Stronger Families, Communities and Children


During the month, the children in nurseries and pre-schools will be given the opportunity to display their talents and their advancement in education, while the Early Childhood establishments, showcase the work of their operations and centers, said Minister of Education, Mr. Nigel Carty, as he declared Child Month open, in a media address, on Wednesday, 1st June, 2011.

This year’s theme, will be highlighted on various promotional items, such as t-shirts, posters and billboards, to draw public attention to an important and relevant concern in the early childhood education sector, said Carty.

The theme is “Strong Families, plus Strong Communities, plus Strong Programs, Equal Well Rounded Children”.

This theme, said Mr. Carty, is significant for the times in which we are living, which is a society where too many parents neglect child-rearing, where families are too busy to spend time to do things together, where neighbours no longer look out for each other’s children. As a result our children suffer.

This year’s theme therefore, hopes to encourage all citizens to pause to pay special attention to children, our families and communities.

Appreciation, affection, commitment are some of the attributes, said Carty that help make strong families.

It is Carty’s hope that during Child Month, there will be a rekindling of families looking out for each other.

This year’s celebrations will include an Arts & Craft Exhibition, 1st -3rd June; Family Church Service on 5th June; a Children’s Fair on 8th -10th June ; Family Food Fair 17th June; Concert 21st June; and the much look forward to Parade Day on Friday 24th June.

This is the 27th year of Child Month celebrations.

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