Child waited SIX DAYS at Royal Derby Hospital for mental health bed


A child was forced to wait more than 145 hours for a mental health bed at the Royal Derby Hospital.

The incident has been revealed after a Freedom Of Information request into so-called “trolley waits” by the Labour Party.

For the year up to October 2017, 13 NHS trusts reported patients waiting more than a day with the longest happening in Derby, reports The Mirror.

The youngster waited six days until being transferred, the figures show.

“Trolley waits” are the time between a decision to admit a patient and their eventual placing on a ward. They refer to people being put on trolleys, chairs or sometimes in side rooms or other units until bring placed.

A spokesman for Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital, said: “This highly unusual lengthy wait involved a child with extremely complex mental health and social issues who did not require admission to our acute hospital.

“The child was safely cared for, not on a trolley but in our paediatric assessment unit within our children’s emergency department whilst mental health colleagues searched for a place in a suitable hospital which would be able to deal with this young patient’s complex needs. Our duty was to provide a place of safety where the patient was cared for until a transfer could be arranged.”

In January, 81,000 patients waited over four hours in corridors to be admitted, with 1,043 left languishing on trolleys for more than 12 hours,

The Department of Health and Social Care said: “Just 0.06% of emergency admissions via A&E had to wait over 12 hours.”


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