Chinese woman’s CIP Passport revoked

Chief Immigration Officer Annette Mark also confirmed reports to OBSERVER media that an investigation is underway into the woman and how she came by the means to obtain the document.

Mark declined to divulge what has been found “questionable” about the Asian woman who arrived here with her partner over the weekend.

But, she said the passport was taken away, the citizenship was revoked and the woman, whose name was not disclosed, was sent packing Tuesday evening on a British Airways (BA) flight. Her partner also left the country.

Sources told OBSERVER media that on several occasions over the past few days they observed Immigration officials at a local hotel where the couple stayed. Mark confirmed that the woman was, in fact, allowed to proceed to the hotel when she arrived and Immigration authorities checked in on her more than once per day.

A source at the airport said the man and woman were seen departing Tuesday evening, escorted by Immigration authorities.

Minister of Immigration Charles “Max” Fernandez, who is away on government business, said he was unable to comment on the matter, at least until after he receives a report when he returns today.

He said the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) would report to him, and not the media at this time.



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