Choreographer allegedly sues Jay-Z, Beyoncé

BY RICHARD JOHNSON, Jamaica Observer,

MUM is the word from local choreographer Dr L’Antoinette Stines regarding legal action against hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and his pop superstar wife, Beyoncé, over possible copyright infringement.

Word emerged yesterday that Stines — who is artistic director of L’Acadco, a united Caribbean dance force — had filed papers against the American entertainment power couple for unauthorised use of her voice on their recording Black Effect from the album Everything Is Love.

When contacted Stines told the Jamaica Observer that she had no comment on the matter, refusing to confirm or deny the media reports.

“I’ve been advised not to make any comments at this time,” she told the Observer.

Major international media outlets, including TMZ and Daily Mail, are reporting that Stines’ suit was filed on Tuesday in federal court.

It is reported that in March 2018 Stines was contracted to provide dancers for a video featuring Jay-Z and Beyoncé which was being shot in sections of the Corporate Area, including Trench Town.

She was reportedly asked her position on love, which she was told would be used as part of an opening video montage for their then upcoming promotional tour.

That is the recording which is now at the heart of the matter, as it was used in the opening of Black Effect.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Stines said she was shocked when she heard Black Effect, because the whole first minute of the track is just her voice. Hearing herself on the song — uncredited — left Stines feeling “artistically raped”. She claims she was not paid for her vocal work.

Stines is allegedly suing Jay-Z and Beyoncé for copyright infringement and violation of her right to publicity…plus damages. She also wants a writing credit.

In June 2018, Jamaica Observer writer Kevin Jackson spoke to Stines about being featured on Black Effect a day after its release.

She said: “It was brought to my attention by my daughter; someone told her about it. I just don’t understand why I wasn’t credited. They interviewed me when they came here earlier this year, and I didn’t know that it would’ve ended up on an album.”

Photo: Dr L’Antoinette Stines

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