Christian Council, Evangelical Association to monitor elections

By The Daily Herald,

ANGUILLA–Governor Tim Foy has announced that because it is not possible for Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) observers to be in Anguilla for the June 29 general elections due to COVID-19, he has asked the Christian Council and the Anguilla Evangelical Association to observe the conduct of polling, including the advance polling and the twenty polling stations. The thirty-strong team is under the leadership of Reverend Wycherley Gumbs, who will produce a factual report of the observers’ findings within a month of the election.

The governor said that as in the 2015 election, it had been arranged, prior to COVID-19, for a mission from the CPA to undertake election monitoring. Regrettably, Foy noted that the global restrictions on travel had made it impossible.

However, the CPA is mounting a remote “Election Expert Mission” comprising four international experts. This team will assess the legislative framework and the electoral process. They will contact key stakeholders and carry out virtual interviews with voters, candidates, parties, the judiciary and journalists. The CPA will publish a full report, including recommendations, within two months of the election.

Main photo: Governor of Anguilla, Tim Foy

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