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The 39-year-old “Are We There Yet?” sitcom actress had the best Christmas present ever.  She and her husband of 2 years, Jamie Mendez, welcomed their new baby boy named Varro into the world on Christmas Day.  She tweeted just minutes ago after changing her tagline to “Pursuing Happiness”:

Found it…our 1st baby, a beautiful healthy boy, was born on Christmas Day!#blessing

Sweet!  Varro is usually a Latin surname meaning durable & strong.

The actress told previously that her pregnancy was a pretty easy path:

I didn’t have any morning sickness, everything has been extremely well. The only thing I changed was that I stopped working out. All of our friends are like, “You guys are just getting started while our [kids] are off to college,” but it’s like I lived my life, I’ve taken trips to Paris for just 30 hours and came back, I’ve popped bottles, I’ve done it all, now I’m just ready and looking forward to being a mom.

Congrats to Essence & Jamie!

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