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Christmas Message from Jonel Powell, Deputy Leader, People’s Action Movement, PAM Candidate for Central Basseterre, Constituency #2 & Member of Team Unity


As we are surrounded by the spirit of Christmas, it is important for us all to remember the reason for the celebration, and the sacrifices made by our savior, Jesus Christ. His sacrifice was about giving and caring, so that we would have a second chance of eternal life.


If it is one lesson we must learn and one that we ought to share with our children, it is that Christmas should not be about self, but rather about the genuine care and love we have for others, especially those whose fortunes may not be as promising as others.


Therefore, for this Christmas I invite everyone to re-commit themselves to the service of their fellow men.


Christmas time must be about opening our hearts and un-wrapping gifts of love, understanding and compassion.


The great novelist Oren Arnold once suggested that when it comes to Christmas gifts- “give forgiveness to your enemy; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to a customer, service; to all, charity; to every child, a good example and to yourself, respect.”

May I therefore implore all our residents of Central Basseterre and the country generally, to reach out and touch the life of at least one person in need this Christmas Season.


Take a little from the lot you may have, and give something to the elderly, the shut-in, the poor, and the struggling family next door. Sometimes love comes in small packages and many times, small gestures are massive in the gratitude felt. For those who may hesitate because they have little, please remember that there are also those who have nothing.


As the hopeful Representative for the people of Central Basseterre, I have planted my pursuits in the principle of “People Caring for People”. I believe in the dedication of my service to others because I also embrace the confidence that for them and thousands more nation-wide, “Better Days are Coming!”


And as Charles Dickens famously expressed, “I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year round.”


May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through.


Merry Christmas, a safe and enjoyable Sugar mas 43, and a bright and prosperous New Year when through the UNITY of our people better days will be coming!

Jonel Powell

Deputy Political Leader, People’s Action Movement, PAM

Candidate for Central Basseterre, Constituency #2

Member of Team Unity


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