Christophe Harbour Arts Festival features local artists


CEO Buddy Darby and Artist Chevaughn Richards

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 5th March, 2018  – The first annual Christophe Harbour Arts Festival was an occasion for local artists from both islands of St. Kitts and Nevis to display outstanding pieces of artwork and be exposed to potential purchasers of art.

The exhibition was hosted at Dale Original Art & Style, a retail art gallery owned by Kittitian artist Dale Kelley, at The Marina at Christophe Harbour, last Thursday, 1st March, 2018.

Thirteen artists exhibited their work at the first annual Christophe Harbour Arts Festival, including young student artists from both islands, and four artists that came in from the United States to participate.

“It’s our first annual arts exhibition for international artists, and the plan is to make it bigger and better next year,” said Dale Kelley, who was excited about the high quality work on display.

Also attending the festival was Christophe Harbour’s CEO Charles ‘Buddy’ Darby. According to Darby, the festival is an important development, not only for Christophe Harbour, but for the country in general.

He said, “It is a unique opportunity for local artists on both islands to exhibit their works of art to people who are interested in purchasing art. We have come to know that there are quite a few very talented artists working on the islands producing some great art. We want to expose those artists and help them to become more known to the islands and to the visitors who come here.”

The collaboration between Dale Kelley and Christophe Harbour provided an excellent platform to coordinate a bigger exhibition next year, the organisers said.

One of the talented Kittitian artists exhibiting was Chevaughn Richards, who was displaying several delightful abstract paintings.

“I normally do a lot of realism, but I am trying to explore the abstract side of myself as an artists,” Chevaughn said, indicating that her love of art started in high school taking art exams at CXC and Cambridge. She also has been exploring music and the culinary arts.

According to Chevaughn, the Christophe Harbour Arts Festival provided an excellent opportunity to expose her artwork.

“I do different types of art, but my visual art, my paintings, have not really been out there as much. I kind of kept it to myself a bit. Now that I am going out with it, I believe an avenue like this, that has such a wide audience, persons from off-island as well as on-island, gives me the right kind of exposure.”

She continued, “I thank Christophe Harbour for recognising the artists on the island. If you look around, there are quite a few local artists, even children. So, I say thank you for not only seeking us out, but putting us on display.”


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