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Christophe Harbour hosts summer residence campers

The campers within the age range 6-17 years-old, accompanied by the three officials, were given the opportunity to tour and learn more of the development project situated on the Southeast Peninsula.

Christophe Harbour for some time now has been accommodating various groups. The company has had students and groups from both St Kitts and Nevis, and also stakeholders’ visits, providing them with the opportunity to learn more about the development, yachting and tourism in general.

The first stop was at The Marina, where the campers met Director of Yachting Aeneas Hollins.  Hollins explained to the campers that he spent twenty years at sea, sailing around the world and then he found St Kitts and fell in love with the people and the place.

He further explained to them the work that is being carried out by his team. To get to know his youthful visitors a little more he then asked them some basic questions. 

When asked how important is it for Christophe Harbour to facilitate these visits, Hollins said, “It is vitally important; we need to see them more regularly.”

Hollins said that these visits help to show people that there are opportunities ahead for them, and also that the yachting industry has only just commenced, and it’s going to grow rapidly.

“So there will be many, many opportunities for jobs, for businesses, for work, for being part of a fantastic industry that has exploded on the islands and will explode here.” said Director Hollins.

He also said that different age groups have different enthusiasms, “But it plants the seed and people can think about it in the future, and when they go to career advice in six months’ time, or a year time or a few years’ time, they may just act on the idea that they had back then.”

The final stop, took the campers on a journey over to The Pavilion where they met Greg Matthew and his team. Matthew works in guests relations and provided the campers with a fun and energetic tour of the area.

They were allowed to play the games that are provided there and were given a complimentary drink.

“It is nice to see young kids come here so that they can know about the future, just in case they want to do anything in hospitality or the hotel industry, they get an idea.” said Matthew

Sahira David, Senior Youth Officer in the Department of Youth Empowerment explained that the visit to Christophe Harbour is a part of the camp’s Business Start-up initiative that is being undertaken by the organisers, and also it was to introduce the campers to what is happening around them

One of the campers, 12 years old Dannique Earle said “It was fun and educational. We get to learn about what they do, and I will invite my family back here for a visit.”

Tabitha Galloway, 17, one of the oldest campers said “It was an awesome learning experience. It is a very beautiful and natural place.”

Many of the other campers expressed that they would visit Christophe Harbour again.

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