Citizens urged to monitor coastline-report illegal activity

Basseterre, 26th June, 2020 (MyVue– The recent arrest of a group of illegal immigrants from Haiti  has prompted authorities to issue a call to residents for help in reporting suspicious activities of potential border breaches.

Chief Immigration Officer,Merclyn Hughes, while issuing the call, urged residents, especially those living in the coastal areas of the country, to notify authorities of any suspicious activities along the beaches.

Police arrested 13 Haitian nationals, who were apprehended in Keys Village on Monday, 22nd June, 2020.

Since then, they have all been tested for the Coronavirus, however no results have been shared with the public, though such is likely.

It has also been revealed that contact tracing is also being carried out to identify persons whom they may have come into contact.

The Haitians, all of whom were males, are said to have entered the country via sea .

“When you see something that looks illegal, please call and report it,” said Hughes at the National Emergency Operations Centre COVID-19 Briefing on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

Hughes advised that such reports can be made to the 911 emergency hotline.

A government information release quoted the Chief Immigration Officer as saying, “We are in a pandemic. We want to ensure that our citizens are safe.”

Chief Immigration Officer, Merclyn Hughes
Coastline (Howard MCormick)

Main photo: A group of Haitians that were arrested in Keys Village recently

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