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Clarke apologizes for big mistake in Rio Olympic relay

However, in the middle of the race there appeared to be some confusion. Running the second leg for the country was sprint icon Kim Collins; he had just received the baton from Jason Rogers who had comfortably kept up with the pack.

When Collins was approaching the third leg runner, Allister Clarke, he (Clarke) appeared as though he was cheering and not ready to receive the baton. This caused the team to lose some of the lead they had over a number of teams. When he finally took the baton and got to Antoine Adams who ran the fourth leg, the rest of field were already running towards the finish line.  

Netizens (people on the internet) quickly went to social media to air their views. There were mixed views, as persons were saying that they are disappointed with Clarke, while others are asking for them to “cut him some slack”.

Allister himself took to his personal Facebook page to apologize for what he called a “rookie mistake.”

“Well, I take full responsibility for what just took place … made a rookie mistake, and it cost the the [sic] team and country. My team mates did very well …. Kim was not to blame. The 40-year-old legend was amazing on second and to Jason and Antoine my deepest heart felt sorry goes out also to skn…”  wrote Clarke after the race.

Team St Kitts and Nevis was in a position to advance to the finals, as commentators on television were heard saying, but this caused them to end up in 7th place.

Other participating countries in the heat (semis) were Dominican Republic, Canada, United States of America, People ’s Republic of China, Turkey, France and Antigua and Barbuda.

Even though this incident took place, the team put up an impressive performance finishing in 39.81 seconds.

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