College Basketball Players from St. Kitts


During 2011 the island’s basketball fraternity has probably enjoyed its most successful period in terms of players in US colleges on scholarships. With an unprecedented 13 SKABA players who played on various US College basketball teams on scholarships at no time in the history of SKABA or local basketball has there been 13 players on US College basketball scholarships at the same time as has been the case in 2011. 

The 13 players and their respective schools are: 

1. Marvin Davis-Barry University (Graduated in 2011)

2. Kemo Duncon-Linsey-Wilson College (Graduated in 2011)

3. Nosharn Maynard- University of Alaska (Graduated in 2011)

4. Jeran Morris- Barry University

5. Dane Rawlins- University of Tampa

6. Noren Maynard- University of Great Falls

7. Javid Williams- Black Hawk College-East

8. Shamile Jeffers- Jacksonville University

9. Othneil Hyligar- University of Maine-Fort Kent

10. Mal Ceasar- University of Maine-Fort Kent

11. Brescia Audain- Lewis and Clarke College

12. Shacarma Warners- Lewis and Clarke College

13. Tenelle Lapsey- Lewis and Clarke College 

The list of players includes 4 females as well as the island’s only NCAA Division 1 player Jacksonville’s Shamile Jeffers. Some of the players that have gained full or part basketball scholarships over the years include Graeme Huggins, Jason Noland, Vance Clarke, Lincoln Glasford, Omari Cranstoun, Leslian “Sexman” Daniel, Hamil “Wuggy” Bassue, Arcilla Jeffers, Geniece Bassue, Jeffrey Bramble, and Kiethley Hicks among others. 

According to a SKABA official the association is quite pleased with the number of players that played US college basketball for this year. 

“We are no doubt quite pleased with this record number of SKABA College players for 2011,” said a SKABA Official. 

“This becomes more significant and laudable when one considers that these young men and women have been able to earn scholarships despite the presence of an indoor facility,” said the official. 

SKABA has benefitted from the efforts of Coach John Spezia and his Reach One Teach One project which conducts an annual basketball summer camp which identifies local players for scholarship opportunities

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