College scholarships for St. Kitts-Nevis Basketballers!

The St.Kitts-Nevis Amateur Basketball Association along with National Basketball Programme Head Coach BJ Mumford has launched a drive to raise funds to assist the U25 National Basketball Team to Journey to Antigua to Tryout for a College Prep Academy and more importantly the opportunity to earn a basketball scholarship.

There is a college preparatory academy is run by the Oh31 sports company, located in Antigua, that has filled a huge need in the Caribbean for a pathway that allows young people to follow their athletic dreams. It gives them the responsibility to work toward their goals, without relying on anyone else to make it happen for them. Each player that enrolls will be paying their own way for training, and will be guaranteed a scholarship to play their chosen sport in a US college after completing a 6 month course. Physical conditioning, sport skill training, and college classes will be taught; the results of their work will determine what level of college they can attend. Our goal is to take 12 players to Antigua at the end of February to play an exhibition game vs. the Antigua Junior National team, and allow the coaches from the Oh31 College preparatory academy see them play and discuss their options for earning a college scholarship. 

To make this happen, we need to raise a total of $6,400US. The players are doing everything they can to get private sponsors to support them, the St. Kitts National Olympic Committee is providing what funds they can afford, and the Antigua basketball association is assisting us with transportation and lodging during our stay. What we now need is the remaining $3000US to make this a reality, providing 12 young men an opportunity to change their life, follow their dream, and someday return home with a broader perspective of basketball and life that will affect those around them for the rest of their life.

“This is a great opportunity for the youngsters and I want to encourage everyone to contribute as much as they can to help to make these kids dream a reality,” said SKNABA General Secretary Wallis Wilkin

Persons interested in  making a contribution can go to the campaign link at and make your contribution there via credit card.

For further info you can visit or the

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