Comments Uttered on CCM’s Platform Condemned by Premier Parry/NRP

In an address to the nation aired on Choice 105.3 FM (23rd May), Parry described as “deeply regrettable” the perceived determination of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) to “drag the High Court into the political arena as was the case in other islands.”

He said his political party and that of the CCM, have sought recourse at the court because each felt that there are irregularities with the electoral list and while the NRP accepted decisions of the court, the CCM has not but rather, attempts to thrust the judicial and electoral systems into disrepute.

“It is therefore very unfortunate and regrettable that instead of accepting and respecting the decision of the Court, the Opposition has decided to embark on a negative campaign to discredit and malign both the Electoral Office and the High Court here in Nevis.”

He said the “deafening silence from the Opposition camp” and “their refusal to condemn or withdraw the recklessness of these statements and the harm that they can inflict on the judicial system is a reflection of the Opposition’s mentality to destroy the rule of law and democracy. And he advised that he has alerted the Attorney General of the matter with the hope that the Director of Public Prosecutions would do whatever is in her power to “protect the court…(and) remedy the situation.”

The Premier also addressed comments which he indicated were uttered by Mark Brantley during the same meeting.

“On Saturday evening, the leader of the Federal Opposition who is also seeking to replace the duly elected representative of the parish of St. John resorted to characterizing the conduct of the Electoral Office as ‘corrupt’ and described the Office as a ‘den of inequity’. He has characterized his Party’s defeat at the High Court as ‘anxiety over this news of the list fixing and the rigging and fraud and corruption.’ And to top it off on Saturday, he said that he will use a politically motivated protest march, ‘to shut down Charlestown on Thursday’.”

Premier Parry suggested that the CCM’s candidates, in acting as they have, are displaying their desperation which he warned, can lead to destruction.

“My friends and citizens, desperate men do and say desperate things. When these desperate statements are made by attorneys and officers of the Court who have for so long pretended to be different, they expose themselves as desperate men who are capable of saying and doing any and everything to seek the privileges of power. Nevisians, be warned. Many a city, a country and civilization have been destroyed by men driven by a desperate greed for power at all cost. The Opposition if made up of such desperate men who are on record as refusing to accept the legitimacy of my Government.” spoke to Brantley in an exclusive interview following the airing of the Premier’s address and he indicated that the comments which were made by his party colleague on the platform about the court and the judge were “very very unfortunate” and that a public apology was given by Scarborough on his and on the party’s behalf on 23rd May, 2011 on VON radio.

“One of our candidates, Keith Scarborough made an unfortunate reference to Justice Redhead in his presentation. That comment has been speedily retracted and a public apology has been issued earlier today by Keith Scarborough on his own behalf and on behalf of the Concerned Citizens Movement. Those comments did not and do not reflect the views of the Concerned Citizens Movement and he publically apologised for that.

I want to make it very clear that certainly, in the Concerned Citizens Movement, we aim for very high standards. We are only human, we may not always get it right but I want to make it very clear that when we do not get it right, we are very quick to apologise and to ensure that mistakes made do not reoccur.”

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