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Commissioner Holds 2nd Parade for 2011

The rank and file assembled on the parade square at the Police Training School, Ponds Pasture and gave an impressive display of their skills at foot and arms drills before their Commissioner of Police Mr. Austin Williams. Commissioner Williams took the opportunity to – once again – indicate that the objective of the parade was not only to assess the skills and competencies at drills but that of the overall discipline of the officers.IMG_6662

“I have received numerous complaints about indiscipline officers, and I believe drills are the foundation of a discipline Force.  I had the opportunity to interact with and inspect the officers and most of them were of a very high standard and I am happy to add that I have seen even more improvements since the parade in February.”

A police constable who was on parade said, “Sir, I have been taking your advice on exercise and it is helping me, I go for walks and I am motivated to do even more.” Commissioner Williams reiterated that more Commissioners’ Parades are likely to come during the year and urged supervisors and middle managers to groom the men under their command so as to improve their level of discipline and professionalism.

(This article was written with content incorporated from a police press release)





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